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3 the regularrseason for thee orioles ends with a tough loss. although the birds won't claimm that divisional title... for phe fiist time in 15 years... come.the ooioles are heading tt play offs... in the wild card round.megan gilliland is here with more on who we play first. good morning guys,it wasn't a good night for the orioles... they needed to beat the rays in the hopes oo tying the yankees for the american one game playoff.... against the rays... losing 4-1 in the last game of the regular seeson.a disppiiting loss... but it's not ver yet... the orioles will play ii texas tomorrow night... &pfacing the rangers for the wild card round. buck: "we're continuing our ssason... we'll let it rip on friday anddsee where it takes
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us."jooes: "we're fortunate to be moving on thatts where our eyes are set." see." phe first pitch is set for 8:37 pm tomorrow nighh.if they win... they'll head right home for two games here in baltimore gainst the yynkees. and monday.if they lose... it's overr the orioles are 2 and 5 aginst the rangers.we've been outsccred thii season 56 to 24. but... the angers are on a bit f loosing streak... they've lost the lastt3 games... ann haae only won 3 of heir last 10.i'm megan giililand, fox45 morning news. police identify the officers custodyyanthony anddrson died in east altimore.the police
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gregg boyd, michael vodarick and todd strohman are currently underrinvestigatioo after the mediial examiner ruled anderson's eath a homicide.the examiner says blunt force ttauma wounds... inccuding broken ribs and a rupturedd pleen led to his death. yesteeday....the mayor respondedd o concerns expressed by anderson's family... that his deatt is anotter exxmple of ongoing 6:49:32"thhre is going to be zero tolerance for abuse, we the community and the pplice to e respectful." respectful."the city police investigating. a group of volunteers cleaninn up a city parkkdiscover the pounty woman. was reported missing on september 20th.we spoke with her family last week during her.they said she suffered frrm demmntia and wwlked away prom an assssted living facility in body was founddsaturday n eakinn pprk.familyymembers say she died from hypothermia.
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a rare meningitis outbreak sickens 26 people in fiie ssates.. iicluding riiht here in maryland. far four people have dded, including one cases are expected ii the coming days.the cases are being linked to injections for back pain at a teenessee medical center.. which has ssnce officials pontagious... but they say more than 7- hundred eople could be affected. inspections at baltimore display for anyone to see. - grades.the information would 3 also go on display at the &prestaurants.according to the baltimmre ssn, al members of on as sponsors f the bill. rrppesentatives of the state's restaurant indussry and some restaurant owners say the policy could threaten local businesses. a big sinkhole is continuung to cause trouble in little iialy... but hopefullyyfor just a few more an
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see the hole is the size of a caa in the middle ablemaale's t east 15 feet deep and sits rrght ii front of several homes and businesses.the department of public works says a sewer rrpair back in uggst may be to blame.but for now.. neighbors are just learning to cope. (16:12)the fact that i justt moved into the city its like welcome to the city its definitely interesting its was enterraining until about 3 o'clock his morning last night. night....thh department says the work is expected to be finished by lunchtime today. yyur monthly b-g-e bill could soon see an increase of up to tto ollars... to ccver b-g-e hits.a gubernatorial task force made 11 recommendations to help the state's power grid and prevent long of the proposals includes all b-g-e billl.thh extra money would go toward expanding mainttnancc burying more
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(governor) ""hey're probably willing to pay another dollar or two a month if they're assured thht they won'ttbe thhowing out two and three hundred dollars worth of groccries every time one of these extreme storms blows throogh our area." "forward looking perspective". tte proposed surcharge requires approval frrm the also consider a ate hike for 3 bge customers. vice presidential candidate is asking for attorney general eric resign. resign.ii n e-mail sent to sup botched investigaaion into the fast and furioussgun-wwaking ooeration.the operation involved bureau offalcohol, tobacco, firearms and explosives agents sending guns into mexico, to lead the to dangerous of those guns was later linked to the death of a border patrol agent.
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ryan asks supporters to donaae to the ampaignnso that he and mitt romney can quote "restore justtce to the justice department."a justice department official says ryan has his facts wrong... and the obama administrationnis d - stepping in... in the case of a maryland man imprisoned in of bringing communications equipment into the ccuntry back in 2009.amerrcan doctors believe gross may have a shoulder... and now the state department is advocating for &phis release.cuban health perfect health.ross is in - it'ssthe video that's going viral.alllgator pool parties are becoming a hit in fforida... but pretty soon... they could be a thing of thh past.that's because statee wildlife officials are stepppng in... to change the alllwing the gators tt swwm - freely in peoplls' pools... is "that someone is wanting to in yourrpool is bsurd and &pdanggrous o the alligator an the children." instead of banning the gator
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asking the handler to make sure they're restrained at all freely in pooll.the handlee g -3 has not yet responded. moon bouncee, food, it's all part of the annual &pbalttmmre city fire departmen thrill show this weekknd. weekend.joel d. smith is live in rosedaleenow to show us &pfirst and how competitton an entertainment can be big weel. 3
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the city has completed the first step in a plan to make the edgar allan poe house and museum self-suuficient.the attraction has been urnnd over to the b-ann-o railroad &pmuseum.ooer the next year... with a newly-established non- prooit organization to get the poe house running again. cost tte city 85- thousand dollars a year to peep the poo house open before officials cut off funding in 2010 and closed it.the museemm ii expected to re-opee next year.the famous author lived at he west baltimore location from 11-32 to 18-35. coming up on tte early edition... an x-factor school... tooits feet. feet.the surprise performance
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givvn by a local musician. 3 ((break 1)) krystal conwell : we see a lot of problems with the...
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number of students that we have. resources. materials. things that the children need... on a day-to-day basis. anncr: question seven will help. the department of legislative services says question seven... will mean hundreds of millions of dollars... for schools...from gaming revenues that would have... gone to other states. and independent audits will guarantee the money... goes where it's supposed to. krystal conwell: i think people should vote for question... seven because i think it will be a great benefit to children. ((bump in))
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(((d lib eteorologist)) 3 ((traffic reporter ad libs)) map bel air map 95 at 395 map fiber
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3 3 coming uu... the orioles move
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the regular seasonnon a losing . note..ow one tamma bay layer almost single- handedly sent 3he o's down to defeat..- singing for tudents... at his alma materrthe local "x- factor" hopeful who went back to his roots. ((break 2))
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on t-v, he's in boot camp on fox's hit- sshw 'x-factor'. but, nnw... david correy went reportssthe annapolis musician is staying true to his roots... evvn as his fame pakes off. off. kathy mahar: 21155 "it's gonna student body. thhy''r gonna go the archbishop spalding auddtorium is hot with excitement.23.15 singing rhcp zachary mckinney doesn't know it.(nats)but, his band is the warm- up act.kathy mahar: 20.30 "i thiik when he walks in that auditorium, people hear the scceamss.(nats:: screams)those screams are for david correy.(nats: correy peeforming)he's not just any alumni.katie bogdan: 36.477"i inspiration or everyonn in the music department especially."emily freeman: 33.20 "i'm so hhppy, because our school has just been buzzing since the eeisode caaee on. we all knew. we were waiting for the episode to
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cooe on, and we were like here!"(nats: auditioo)correy is a contestant on 'x-factor', here on fox45.his audition was a big hit witt the judggss judge: "yes!!davii correy: 12.44 "tt get one yes is cool. one. brittany speaas, judge: "yes!"david (cont.): then, to ggt two, i'm like, 'oh, wow. that's half!''zachary mckinney: "ms. hooks, especially has been spreading the word, 'david correy's going to be on x--actor, so look for hhm' so, we'veeall beennlooking for him and for him to be here and everything."kathy mahar: 20.50 "what a trip. what a trip!" spalding girll swoon for the brazillan- bornnsiiger.('lean on me' with chorus)correy now leans on fans here to get him through the show to become fox's x-factor.david correy: 5.09 "inssiring all these kids that wenn and go here that they are tars. they may noo know it right now, but they caa be."the hollywood lights shine brightly in severn.david correy: 4.02 this isn't the first thing i've done. it definitely won'ttbe the last. i've got a big heart."paul ggssler, ffx45 news at ten. david ccn be seen again
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tonight at 8 on fox45's 'x- factor'. coming up in our 6 o'clock houu... most americans ove friddys... but they're not good for driving. drivvng.why itts the worst day of the week... to be ouu on the road. the orioles fall to the tampa bay rays.what that means for their ttip to the playyffs. ((break 3)) 3- coming up in our 66o'clock
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hour... the first presidential debate goes off without a hitch. hitch.we've got a live report frommdenver... with reaction from both sides offthe aisle.
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